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Weather and Times To Travel

 The tropical climate in this region is stable year-round, with air temperatures generally ranging between 79ºF - 89ºF degrees.  There is normally a cooling breeze throughout the year, especially in the months of December, January and February.  These islands receive an average of 60 inches of rain per year.  The majority of the rainfall occurs during two short rainy seasons around May and November, which typically consist of brief tropical downpours followed by sunny blue skies.  In the summer months, rain is far less prevalent.  The dry season runs from January to April, and is accompanied by cool breezes brought in by northerly winds. 


*High season is holy week when ever it falls in March or April, remailing days are low season.


Although beautiful and appealing to travelers all year round, those who travel to old Providence and Santa Catalina for diving and snorkeling tend to come during March thru May this is primarily due to the best weather and visibility traditionally occur at this time.   


For the nature lover, May is a phenomenal time when the land crabs come down from the mountain to lay their eggs in the sea, followed a few weeks later with baby crabs by the trillions marching from the sea to find homes in the mountains. The National Army is brought in to patrol the roads which are closed from vehicles.


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