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Ever dream of diving reefs that only very few people ever get the chance to dive, reefs buried so far in the Caribbean that only private boats have ever even ventured near.

Scheduled to begin trips April 2011, we will off this chance of a lifetime upon a live aboard which will be departing Old Providence Island weekly venturing to the outer cays, Serrana, Roncado and Quitasueno, that surround Old Providence.

The Boat, completely remolded and retrofitted to carry up to 8 passengers 40’Sea Ray with new twin diesels cruising at 10 knots. One Head/shower, outdoor shower, galley, seating throughout, tower, 8 passenger dingy,

My first scheduled trip will be a trip to Old providence on Sept. 3-10, 2011 to take a 3 or 4 day trip to the Cays, and also enjoy some diving in Old Providence. Contact me for more information





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