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Topside activities available on Old Providence

Although for some visitors, it may require some adjustment, you may want to rediscover the most simple – and healthy — pleasures you can enjoy here: that is, doing nothing. With six major beaches available to choose from (most of which provide you with ample space and solitude), you can read a book, nap, or just listen to the sound of the ocean while enjoying the breeze in a hammock. Any of the below mentioned topside activities can be easily arranged once you are in Old Providence


Boat Tour Around the Islands

Spectacular views of this mountainous landscape can be viewed from a guided boat tour around Old Providence. The trip allows you to take in various sights and visit some of the most popular attractions including, Morgan’s Head, Lovers Bridge, Crab Kay, Three Brothers, Manzanillo Beach and lunch and Southwest Beach. A great day trip.

Crab Cay

Boat charters or kayak rentals are available for a relaxing trip to this diverse little island. Great snorkeling surrounds the island and the views of Old Providence Island from its peak are breathtaking.

Crab Season

This phenomenon occurs once a year around the month of May or June, and is amazing to see. Land crabs, indigenous to the islands and known for the massive underground tunneling system created through their burrowing, migrate from the mountains down to the sea, where they lay their eggs. A few days later, tiny baby crabs are seen making their way back up to the mountains.

Horse Races

Most Sundays, you will find a group of local horse owners gathering together for the famous horse races on Southwest Bay beach. Spectators are welcome to attend and watch the excitement.

Horseback Riding

One way to enjoy the local culture, learn about the history of the area, and enjoy the scenery is to take a relaxing guided horseback tour through a small local village. Along with seeing the colorful island homes, you will also hear stories about the traditions and culture of the islands. Your horseback trip will include traveling up thorough the dense dry rainforest to an overlook, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the windward side of the island and watch the waves crashing along the reef. On your return trip, you will ride through another village to Manzanillo Beach, where you can actually ride your island horse for a gallop through the waters of the sea. Have a drink or a bite to eat at Roland’s Place, a popular hangout on the beach for the locals, before heading back through yet another village and home.


Rent Kayaks and explore or snorkel the vast mangroves and shallow reefs in Mc Bean Lagoon, Crab Cay and Three Brothers Cay, known for its migrating birds with over 50 species. You can also enjoy the rocky cliffs and shallow reefs found nearly everywhere around the mountainous island.

Lovers Bridge

This photographic bridge was built to connect the two islands of Old Providence and Santa Catalina after pirates created an artificial channel between the two islands. Emblazoned with the bright colors that characterize these islands, this partially floating bridge has become a common place for lovers to come and watch the sunsets or take a romantic stroll.

McBean Lagoon

This National Park is 90% water consisting of Islands, patch reefs, sea grass flats, mangrove swamps and an old volcano. A nursery for many of the species found in the waters and around the island. The main entry point is by boat or kayak on Crab Cay.


The nights on Old Providence are mystic and magical. There are a few open air bars. You will often find locals playing dominos over a beer along side the road. To enjoy local musicians, you can visit Manzanillo Bay, which serves up live music nearly every night in season. The full moon usually draws out local musicians to the beaches, were many gather around bonfires to enjoy the music and the evening breeze.

Rent a Car, Moto or Bicycle

Rent a car, moto or bicycle and take a self-guided trip around the island. Drive through the 18 small villages that encircle the island along the main road. Stop at one of the many scenic rest stops throughout the islands and take in the peaceful calming views.

Sail Boat Races

Several times a year, the locals gather together to test their skills on the seas sailing small sail boats. Winning these competitions is a prestigious honor on the island for local sailing enthusiasts.

Santa Catalina Island and Morgan’s Head

One of the most famous tourist attractions on Santa Catalina is Morgan’s Head, a rock formation known for ita resemblance to the famous pirate, Henry Morgan. Santa Catalina also known as the “Island of Treasure” due to the legendary hidden treasure which is said to have been placed somewhere on the island by Henry Morgan on one of his last journeys. A short walk away is Santa Isabel, crossing Lovers Bridge, then traveling down a scenic pathway which overlooks the bay. This leads to the ruins which remain from the fortification that was built long ago by the legendary pirates. This area also offers one of the many small beaches from which you can access great snorkeling and shore diving.

Three Brothers

Only assessable by boat or kayak. The intrigued bird lover will enjoy the several types of birds found here. The park has kept access onto these island prohibited not to disturb the abundant wildlife that call this home.

Trekking to The Peak (Nature walk)

One of most pleasurable experiences above water is a trek to the peak. The highest point on Old Providence and the Archipelago reaches over 1,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea. An accelerating trek through the dry rain forest brings you to the most majestic area of the island. Once here, you can take in a panoramic view of Old Providence, Santa Catalina and the deep blue-green waters surrounding the islands. “Magical” is the only way to explaining the experience…this trip is a definite must.
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