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Tad’s the man to talk to about Providencia, check it out you won’t be disappointed

“Providencia Columbia 03/03/10 - 03/12/10 Flying to Providencia from Los Angeles is very easy just catch a red eye, 1: LAX to Panama then a short flight to San Andres then jump on a plane to Providencia, it’s a lot easier than it sounds all this for $550.00 on COPA Airlines plus the flight from San Andres to Providencia about $200.00. COPA airlines does run specials to San Andres just check or better yet get on their mailer. I was on Providencia around 2:30pm that afternoon with a ride waiting to take me to Sonny’s Cabana’s where I’ll be staying for the next ten days. My son David will be flying in from Raleigh leaving at 6:00pm via Houston through Bogota to San Andres on Continental Airlines, then a local flight to Providencia arriving around 1:00pm the following day. Sonny Cabanas basic accommodations with two double beds, refrigerator, air conditioning,…

My dive log is filled with exceptional sites, but none come close to Old Providence Island

My dive log is filled with exceptional sites, but none come close to Old Providence Island. Tad took care of all the arrangements for my first trip in 2008. Take my word for it - you can't do OPI without Tad. Over the past three years, I haven't found a better overall dive trip value: the airfare is still cheap, the accommodations are comfortable and convenient, the dive operators are competent and caring; and the island offers a fascinating combination of history and nature. To get the most out of your trip, you should try to find a copy of "The Colonizing Activities of the English Puritans," as well as "Adventures in Marine Biology." The first details the early history of the island and the second focuses on the life of the islanders, mostly in the 1970s. Also, you might be able to track down a copy of Felipe Cabeza's…
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